Viewing a Usage Report

If you want to explore how your queries and data is being used, a usage report is useful to reduce costs of maintaining and querying tables and views. For this purpose, you can generate a usage report for schema elements and use them as a table in Datameer and Snowflake.

The following applies:

  • the usage report can be generated for each schema
  • if the usage report table already exists, it can be simply overwritten

The following information can be explored in the report:

  • object name: source schema name
  • object type: table or view
  • user: username
  • warehouse: warehouse name
  • query client
  • query count: how often it has been used
  • last accessed: date and timestamp of the last usage
  • query weekday
  • query hour
  • column usages

To generate the usage report:

  1. In the Data Browser, right-click on a schema and select "Schema Usage". The dialog 'Schema Usage' opens.

  2. Enter the usage report table name in "Table", select a schema where the usage report will be deployed to, and confirm with "OK". The usage report is created and can be explored in the Project's Flow Area.