Data-Driven Table Materialization

Data-driven table materialization allows you to associate materializations in different Projects, thus addressing this dependency. This can be very helpful when managing the complexity of large Projects that are broken down to multiple Projects. In this case, tables can be materialized when the source table is being materialized.

Note that you trigger only tables as a source, that are created in Datameer.

To trigger data-driven table materialization:

  1. Make sure that your source node has been created in Datameer before and create your pipeline as needed and deploy your node to your Snowflake.

  2. Select the deployment node, click on "Deployment" in the Inspector and then click on "Edit" in the 'Execution Trigger' section. The dialog 'Execution Trigger Configuration' opens.

  3. Click on DATA-DRIVEN, if needed, select the 'Role' and 'Warehouse' and select the source node that triggers the execution. Finally confirm with "Apply". The configuration is finished. The materialization of the currenct deployment node is now configured to be triggered anytime the source updates.