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Managing your Slack Integration

The Slack integration allows you to add Datameer to your Slack workspace and collaborate with your time in real-time. Datameer schedule notifications about deployed tables or views are then presented in Slack.

A Project's 'Settings' tab allows you to setup notifications in Slack.

Admin Configuration#

To configure your Slack integration initially:

  1. Navigate to the Admin page and then select the "Slack" tab. INFO: If the configuration page throws an error, please contact the Datameer Support team for further assistance. The Slack configuration opens.

  2. Allow requested permission to access your company's Slack workspace. The configuration details appear.

  3. Select or create a new "Channel" in Datameer.

  4. Switch to Slack and join the created channel. The configuration is finished. Notifications about deployed tables or views are now listed in the Slack channel.

Channel Configuration#

To configure the Slack notifications:

  1. In the Project, switch to the "Settings" tab in the Inspector and mark the checkbox "Notify when" for the needed channel. A notification will be send according to your scheduling.

  2. Receive the notification in the Slack channel.

Deleting the Configuration#

You have two options to stop/ delete those Slack notifications:

  • to pause/ stop receiving the Slack notifications, uncheck the Notify when checkbox in the Project's 'Settings' tab
  • to delete the Slack configuration, click on the "Delete" icon on the Slack integration page as an admin