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Custom Properties#

General Information#

Datameer Administrators can manage Snowflake configuration custom properties on the 'Snowflake Settings' page.

Custom Properties List#

Note: The following applies for data sampling related properties: To achieve best performance, Datameer uses fraction-based SYSTEM | BLOCK sampling without a seed. For further information please refer to here.

Property Name Default Value Description 0.001 Minimum percentage of records sampled from snowflake tables relative to the total record count. Serves as guardrail for tables with a huge amount of records where the total sample size would lead to numeric rounding errors. 100000 Approximate number of values sampled from snowflake tables for the preview in the workbench. 1000000 Minimum number of table records to trigger the usage of sampling. For snowflake tables with less records full data is used for the preview in the workbench.
snowflake.query-timeout 30s Amount of time (seconds) after which a running snowflake query is cancelled by the system.
preparedDownloads.max-file-size 1 GB Maximum file size when downloading data from the Data Grid in the Workbench. Should not be set beyond 5 GB due to Snowflake limitations and would lead to errors in this case.
share-results-by-email.max-file-size 25 MB Maximum file size when sending an email with data from the Data Grid in the Workbench. Should not be set beyond 25 MB because it would lead to errors in this case.
dataset.maximum-value-length 100,000 Truncates too long values to the set value.

Adding a Custom Property#

Datameer Administrators can access the Custom Properties field where they can add, edit, and delete the custom properties that are configurable for the connection between Datameer and Snowflake.

To add a custom property:

  1. Click on the "Settings" button to access the Admin section and switch to the "Snowflake Settings" page and click on "Snowflake Connection Properties". The configuration field opens.

  2. Enter the required custom property, e.g. '' and confirm with "Apply". Adding a custom property is finished.