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Datameer at a Glance#

Datameer is a collaborative SaaS solution for data transformation in Snowflake.

Datameer features:

  • easily and user friendly access the data from your Snowflake instance
  • execute various transformations on your data, e.g. join, filter, extract
  • collaboratively build new datasets to answer analytic questions
  • instantly publish results to your Snowflake instance

Governance & Administration#

Security/ Storage#

Data Transformation/ Analytics#

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Collaborating in Datameer#

Inside a Project every user has basic permissions to view the detail page and make or reply to comments.

To enable more direct collaboration, the Project's owner can decide to add other users as collaborators who share many of the owner's capabilities to edit and expand the Project.

User permissions

User permissions#

Everyone in Datameer can:

  • See the Workspace details page
  • Comment on a Workspace or reply to comments

Collaborators can also:

  • Load the attached Workbench tool
  • Add or remove references in the Workspace
  • Create, edit, and delete new datasets in the in the Workbench
  • Edit the Workspace description, tags, and properties
  • Add or remove other collaborators

Owners can also:

  • Delete the Workspace
  • Change the owner

Administrators have the same permissions as owners for every Workspace, even if they do not appear in the list of collaborators.*

Security: Datameer defers to the access controls established on source data systems. Each user will need to authenticate with all the appropriate source systems using their individual credentials. Being a collaborator in a Workspace does not allow users to reuse each other's credentials.